female/34 years c/o migraine since 2 years nausea with headache aggravated by sunlight, anxiety better by closing eyes, rest Rest all normal Generals- normal Desire- sweets Menses- normal she is a private employee mild, gentle emotional fair complexion sensitive Suggest treatment doctors



Her job satisfaction? How she react on consolation? If mind indicate think about Nat mur Because most of the symptoms like migraine< sunlight, mild , emotional indicate Nat mur

But the patient desire is too sweet than why did you suggest NAT.MUR.

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आयुर्वेद में इसे अर्ध भेदक कहते हैं। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, रोगी को सुबह गर्म जलेबी खिलाएं सूर्य उदय से पूर्व। तगर 50 ग्राम जटामांसी 25 ग्राम लेकर दोनों का पाउडर बनाकर 5 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने से पहले दें। निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा। योग परिक्षित है। पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

Married/unmarried? Body Wt.? Need to job satisfy /unsatisfied quarry for counseling. Vision problems? Vertigo ---

Needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice walnuts blue berries ginger carrots dates raisins figs apricots cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval constant head coverage with white cotton pure veg diet no sugar no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods...two hands folded holding head hanging down the bed and pray

Shadbindu tail nasya Shirodhara, shirobhyang Tab cephagrain 2bd Avipittakar churn @ bed time Avoid spicy oily food

Nux 200

Rx Pulsatilla.

Lach Nat m

Migrakot tablet Balahatadi oil. Pathyakshadatryadi kashayam Anu tail nasya

Nat mur

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