Migraine Since 10 year.

Migraine Patient Diagnosed in 2010. On Painkillar till 2020 No Relief from Analgesic Painkiller So see came to me As per her history After pure Ayurveda Treatment She got 40% relief after 15 days of treatment.


Line of treatment .. Nasya karma: 1...shunti +pippali+saindhav (equal quantity)grind with gud and mix well in hot water -6-6drops 2. kesar fry it in goghrita Take same quantity of sugar and grind both kesar and sugar and mix it with cow's milk. 4 drops in each nostril. The course should be of atleast 21 days. Shrio basti ---Mahanarayan taialm 3--- 20gram of chana daal soaked and grind . fry with goghrita and add20gm of sugar and make haluaa (shirra)...(before sunrise) this is very effective I used this ... 4-- vatakulantak ras+sirasuladivajra ras+shringa bhasma+Godanti 5.Pathyadi kwatha Castor oil