more than 80% burn injury I m treating this patient frm 2 month condition is too better than past .. but I m afraid about healing what will be ... Is grafting is needed?



Carbo Anim 30


Wound is healing no needs of graft physiotherapy is needed to avoid contacture good efforts hats off sir

Looking aquet psirosis Gandhak rasayan 2 BD kaishor guggul 1 BD Arogyavardhani bati 2 BD sutsekhar Ras 2 BD, Ras manikya 10 GM Giloyastva 20 GM louhbuasm 10 GM kukutandav bhasm10 GM Manjistha churn 60 GM mixed up and 500-800 mg with Mahamanjistha rista 30 ml with warm water and BD Mahamrichydi tail abhyanga full body. N stopped salt,courd,fish N all types of fryfoof.

It a severe burn injury. Wash wound daily with Triphala sheeta kashaya followed by madhu n jatyadi ghrita Lepa. Counselling to be done regularly as its suicidal case. With physiotherapy to avoid disfigured.

Gandhaka taila ( DRESSOL ) brand,, Dr Rao,s herbal pharma Vijayawada,,,,. Extl it is the wonder drug for you,. No need of grafting,. The remaining is lakshanika chikitsa,

Gandhak rasayan 2 BD Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD kamdudha Motiyukt I BD kaishor guggul I BD N Apply Lukmanehayat tail Abhyaga on spots N Sarivadya rista 30 ml with warm water BD.

Prescript to him.... Yastimadhu churna with honey... To apply locally.. N for oral intake coconut water, chandnasav n sarivadhyasav

No need graft, pls use banana tree leaf for dressing on your external medicine.If you pls try Varma physiotherapy is good.

No need of Grafting.... Prognosis is Good.... How you have managed this case @Dr. Amitkumar Rai sir

Yes sir
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