Multiple Liver SOL's

A male aged 56 years (Chronic Alcoholic) Chief Complaints Pain Abdomen ( RUQ ) Fever with chills Vomiting (x 1 month) Physical Examination Tenderness Epigastrium BS(+) Investigations CT Abdomen



56yrs, Alcoholic, Pain,fever,vomting, CT - Multiple hypoechoic lesions noted in all over left lobe and part of right lobe. Probable diagnosis is ....pyogenic liver abscess. Aspirate& drain the pus using pigtail catheter using USG guidance and sent for culture sensitivity. Send CBP, LFT . Antibiotics depends upon culture and sensitivity, Antipyretics, Antiemetics, High protein diet. Monitor vitals ...PR,BP, Temparature and Saturation. If abscess is not relived/recurrent do laparoscopic/open drainage of abscess. Mortality/morbidity is very high, if not treated in appropriate time.

Multiple hypoechoic lesions are seen in liver of pt who is alcoholic are likely secondaries Primary is suspected in duodenum ir sos periportal region ie head 9f pancreas

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