my baby 4 days old having one episode of haematemesis.....followed by small amount of green vomitus.....attached blood reports....please suggest possible dx n rx


paediatric doctor who is treating suggested possibilty of haemophilia child is it possible?

may be but if haematological factor causes present they cause large quantity of bleeding

test all haematological factor and also consult with haematologist

samples are sended ...

fresh blood or clot form and quantity of blood

during normal vaginal delivery some amount of blood swallowed by baby may be cause of haemetemesis but after 4 this is vomit as clot form of blood

fresh coloured but in a small amount

mothers blood group o+......fathersA+.....n baby having A- blood group

not sure but vit k inj not given after birth

some time due to vomiting and cough local cappilary rupture of respiratory and git tract cause some bleeding in fresh form

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