My father is suffring from high bp190/80 from 2yers whith joint

my father is suffring from high bp190/80 from 2yers whith joint pain last 4month age 60yers treatment given by me TAB TELMED AM OD FEBUMAC 8O OD DEFCORT 6MG OD BUT BP is dicrease to day bp 170/80 but no uther symptom like headache vertigo what is treatment rx dx



Pls give complete details about his life history modalities mental temperament behaviour We need to know him like an open book...But as of now I suggest you just give NUX VOMICA 200 0d for 1 week in the evening pls One wk later put him on CRATEGUS OCT.MT-START WITH 10 DROPS in less than half cup water twice a day....and later increase to 30 drops Wish him speedy recovery do 2D Echo HbA1c ECG give bland diet with LSM-3M

Dr.Abdurrahman Shaikh sir, Arjunarista 30 ml, 10 ml coster oil mixed N take od, Brahmani national 1 BD, Arogyabardhani bati2 BD, Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD.

Thanks,Dr.Himanto sir.

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Better to refer this case to the Physician.... He will review the management..... @Dr. Abdurrahman Shaikh sir....

Most of the times there are reasons which include improper eating i.e not only food, but also alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc., Along with it many of the times eating nonveg diet, constipation provoking diet(eg- vadapav, bhaji, chana, phutane, chole, pizzas, chinese food, bakery products, depend on creating this long acting pathophysiology in the body, which we usually neglect it, but at last these things are nit stopped and we still give anti hypertensive medicines to the patients which only temporarily suppress the objective Parameters of the patients and we come to a particular conclusion that the patient is going to need the anti hypertensive for his whole life. Infact later these antihypertensive Medicines develop new side effects of it self like Diabetes, Kidney failure, stroke risk if medicines get a pause for a while, etc, and many more. These is not my saying that, dont give anti hypertensive but myself today I am telling to give the anti hypertensive only at the acute/emergency state when the stage is gone take the detail history of the patient and give him those medicines which will release the metabolic factors including in hypertension like aldosterone, sodium, potassium, Renin, etc., But my opinion will always be that nothing remains for longer time, the BP will also come down by different thinking. We still today need lot of research in the medical field, we Indians are today called the highest in lifestyle disorders, but I am sure that our study of medical science with the help of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Unani and other sciences will definitely help the human kind. Plan of treatment for this case, according to my knowledge i can make it before the above discussion gets over. Opinion for my answeris always welcomed.

Dear Dr. Abdurrahmanji, If you wish to undergo Ayurvedic treatment for your father, pl. follow - 1) fix his temperament (प्रकृती) with help of Ayurvedic Physician. 2) Follow Dincharya (Daily regimen) accordingly. 3) Follow Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) according to current season. 4) His age is Vata Dosha-pradhan so basti upakram should be done according to his condition. 5) According to my experience for about 45yrs., I have observed that some of the patients have HBP (??) normally. If you try to bring it to normal (???) level they feel abnormal.

Thank you doctor

Please diagnose the case first .what are the reasons that is leading to the hypertension. Please do the investigation first

Most of the time the primary hypertension is idiopathic. To rule out the other cause renal Doppler studies according to modern science can be done along with renal function tests. It's usually Called accelerated hypertension.

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I think life style management is main module along with allopathic drugs and ayurvedic management. Shirodhara is quite effective in high bp

Thank you doctor

I think life style management is main module along with allopathic drugs and ayurvedic management. Shirodhara is quite effective in high bp

Thank you doctor

Aurum Met., Glonine ,Raulfia, CIMICIFUGA, Rhustox , Ruta may be helpfull

Dhanyawad, Maheshji......

give tab.sutgandha 1bd panchtiktaghrut guggul 1bd ,local application of til oil on knee with swedan churn of amlapithar churn250mg +sutshekhar 1bd+musta125mg +guduchi 125mg+gokchur churn 250mg syp.kokilakshasav 2tsp bd panchgavya ghrut nasya for vertigo shirodhara proper diet and lifestyle is must ,stop defcort

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