New COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test

Scientists (University of Exeter) have developed a new device to test the patient's antibody response to COVID-19 in less than seven minutes.    General tests laboratory analysis can take up to 72 hours to get the results. This COVID-19 Triple Antibody Test, approval by the MHRA, can deliver quick and accurate quantitative results in just seven minutes.   This tests for antibodies against three viral proteins, two spikes, the nucleocapsid, and three classes of antibodies with quantitative results. Scientists initially carried out 119 tests for five days, investigating the antibody test's performance on 74 admitted patients at an early stage of the COVID-19. Further analysis with another 200 patients has shown that Attomarker’s Triple Antibody test delivers a sensitivity of up to 96% in detecting COVID-19 antibodies. Smiths Detection is working with Attomarker to deliver these devices and has already manufactured 10 pre-production devices.   Attomarker has also begun further testing at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Exeter for a combined COVID-19/Flu antibody test to differentiate between patients with the two infections.   This will be key to beginning the next phase of COVID-19 testing and having significant benefits for patients and healthcare professionals with the necessary data to manage COVID-19.




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Is this test available? Any comments about ,antigen, IgM ,IgG combo test kit?

Impressive 96 percent

It is good have quick tests. How much will it cost? Can Indians afford it.

Nice update doc

It is available in india if so how much it is???

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