New-onset of right pelvic cramping and a positive UPT.

A 28-year-old, G3 P1, presented with new-onset of right pelvic cramping and a positive urine pregnancy test. Thirty days prior, she had undergone an uncomplicated elective surgical termination of a 5-week gestation. Her obstetrical history was notable for one uncomplicated vaginal delivery, one spontaneous abortion and the recent elective termination. Her last menstrual cycle had been 2 months prior to presenting to the gynecologist. TVS image attached. Please diagnose.



Ectopic. Rt Fallopion tube.. Immidite termination is advised.

Ectopic pregnancy Advised medical termination

Ectopic pregnancy in Right side follopian tube

Ectopic pregnancy. Laparoscopy can be done.

? Ectopic in rt fallopian ? Salpingitis rt

Ectopic pregnancy in R fallopian tube.

Foetus seen in rt fallopian tube

Thanx dr Sandeep S

Ectopic pregnancy

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