nodular swelling in nose since 1 month at the site of nose pus.....



A keloid as well as a FB granuloma are both possible at nose piercing site. The nose pierercing causes a tissue injury and sers up inflamation and bleeding etc which may persisist for weeks after the act. If by wound contamination by any foreign matter cause a body reaction called FB reaction and the type of chronic inflamation called FB granuloma. In this case minimum 6 weeks should be there after piercing and tissue reaction , by definition of granuloma. There will be tell tale signs of inflamation not as spectacular as Ac inflamation. Like pain/ tenderness. The body diffence will wall of the FB with histocytes and monocytes if ican can not digest it. But the body's attempt is always to get rid of the FBas usually resulting ina persisstantly discharging sinus, which doesn't heal intil and unless surgically interfered.on the otherhand normal healing after mose piercing injury by collagen tissue may not stop when the gap is bridged but may continue to grow beyond the bounderies of original injury to develop into keloid. This being nonninflamatory is painless and remains for ever if it crosses the stage of hypertrophic scar calling for surgical intervention.But since keloid formation is a tendency, there is risk of keloidal development to surgical injury.! By above analysis it is mor like a keloid popularly known as nose oiercie bump - than granuloma. The final proof is biopsy and HPE which in the case of FBgranuloma shous presence of histocytrs, monocytes or even FB gaint cells.

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granuloma or keloid?

Nose piercing -- Granuloma or Keloid (?)

? D/D Keloid Granuloma


Granuloma. ? Keloid. ?


Contact dermatitis with secondary infection. Treat with antibiotics. Wait for 4 weeks.

Pyogenic granuloma

@Dr. Rajesh Jain - keloid

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