Numbness in left leg

35 years old male patient with numbness in left lower leg that have been present for several months. It is sometimes associated with severe pain. The symptoms stop at the ankle level, and the pain is made worse with squatting or bending the knee. Previous X-rayof the knee and leg were normal. Electromyography conducted showed common peroneal neuropathy. There is no H/O DM, Htn or thyroid Prakriti pitta vata Agni madhyam Mala sama Jihva sama



Navjivan RAS/ Eakangvir ras & Rasnadi guggal with Dashmularisht & M.Rashnadi quath. Persarni & M.vishgarbh oil for massage. Use Baluka Sweden also.Diet as per nature can use major roll.Anulom Vilom will play to exinate the nerves.. Also consider about blockage as indication pl.@Surya Mehra .

Lot of tnx.@Dr. Ramde B. Gojiya sir.

Water melon is the answer... pomegranatesusk melon no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods lime juice orange lemon lemongrass decoction carrots sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables guava figs raisins apricots dates ginger walnuts blue berries sunshine walk


R tox 1m

Rx Rhus tox.

Panchkarma , yapan basti, snehan swedan Vit B complex tablet Mahayograj guggulu Ashwagandha ghan vati Trayodashang guguulu Dashamularista


Peroneal neuropathy.. Rhus t

Causticum 1m/3dose weekly Rhus tox30/tds

Rhus Tox

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