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Old lady (post CBD Stenting) with Pain Abdomen

A female aged 66 years who underwent ERCP and CBD Stenting for Malignant CBD dilatation p/w Chief Complaints Pain Abdomen Inability to pass flatus and faeces since 1 day Diagnosis Discuss the Xray findings and probable causes


The X-ray shows gas filled dilated bowel loops which may be due to post-ERCP pancreatitis with colon cut-off sign in the splenic flexure.

X ray abdomen shows CBD stent is in proper place There is gas filled and dilated colonic as well as small bowel loops are seen It is suggestive of paralytic Ileus ? Pancreatitis ? ? Post sphincterotomy sepsis

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Subacute intestinal obstruction. Pneumonitis base of left lung. Heart failure(rt). Aortic aneurysm.

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