One female Patient 30yrs old having jaw swelling pain and pus form please advice me what type of investigation need to do



Ostemyelitis .OPG,CBC,C&S senivitytest & treat.

Usg of d swelling . Send d Pus for culture Look for intra oral extension It will require incision n drainage

Most probably some gland abscess


Think of osteomyelitis first. Admit and investigate with CBC, OPG and culture and sensitivity

Ask the history first. Onset , h/o trauma, extraction etc. Start with Emperical Antibiotic, pain killer, anti inflammatory, but NOT steroids. Do routine blood investigation and blood /pus culture. Take X ray OPG. If u feel the the pathology/lesion is aggressive consider CT scan. Can proceed only after that.

Prescribe double antibiotic like cefixime and azithromycin combination with meteogyl Trypsin-chymotrypsin enzyme tablets for reducing swelling U can add diclo n serratio... No need of steroids or iv antibiotics.... Advice OPG n CBC... Find the cause...

even scrofuloderma has to be considered. x ray mandible , pus for AFB , Mantoux

It is important to find the cause of Extraoral sinus.. if decayed teeth is present then extract and curette the socket followed by antibiotics.. advice opg to check for bone involvement

Looks like osteomyelitis. Take OPG, start broad spectrum antibiotic, try to establish drainage.

After iv antibiotics Drain out the pus with keeping a drain tube Find the cause if the tooth remove the next

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