one female patient having pcod problem, irregular period 3 to 4 months once, age 20yrs, weight 60kgs. pure vegetarian, reports enclosed. kindly suggest treatment.



You can go with Kanchanar Guggulu 1 tab BD Brahmi Vati 1 tab BD Medo Har Guggulu 1 tab BD Dashmoolarishta 20ml BD with equal quantity of water Pushyanug Churna + Kukkutand Twak Bhasma +Saraswat Churna = BD with luke warm water Advice to reduce the weight Help in planning the Diet Advice to avoid unnecessary stress Advice for regular yoga and Pranayam Cut down the Madhura Rasa Dravya Good Luck @Dr. Sateesh M sir

Kanchanar guggulu 1 bd. Kukkutnakhi vati 1 bd. Punarnavadi guggulu 1 bd. Raspachak vati 1 bd. Gomutra haritaki 2 hs.

Tab AlOES Compound 2-0-2, Tab.Hyponidd 2-0-2 Sy.Evecare 15 ml twice a day. Avoid junk, fermented, packed food and bakery products. Regular exercise. Review every month.

Tab. Ovaral-L from 4th day of menses. Continue same for 3months. Tab. D-chiro BD. Syrup F-shine 10ml BD. advice Regular exercise

Weight reduction plays a key role in pcos so advise for exercise, healthy diet, advise for hormonal profile as pcos can be managed but not cured, sugar less diet should be advised for treatment part u can go for dr. Narendra mishra advise

Thank you doctor

Shila sindoor +giloy sat +prawal pishti +tamra bhasm Rajah prawartani vati Kanchnar guggulu Vriddhi vadhika vati Ashokarisht +dashmoolarisht

Thank you doctor

अशोक घृत 10 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने के साथ दे। अशोकारिष्ट दशमूलारिष्ट आपस में मिलाकर 25 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने के बाद दें। कपालभाती प्राणायाम कराएं। अनुलोम-विलोम प्राणायाम कराएं।

Management is a best treatment associated with systemic medicine. ●Weight should be reduced. ●Avoid phyto-oestrogenic foods.especially soybean. ●Use Menstruation ragulatory medicine. ●Avoid mental stress & strain. Being a Homoeopathic doctor, we have connected with case history to maintain homoeopathic principle by collecting totality of symptoms and uncommon peculiar symptoms.

Rx Ashokarista. .Gulma kalanal ras anupan cow urine. .Kanchanar guggul. .Vridhivadika bati. .Abipittakar churna at bed time.

Phalaghrita Chandraprabha Vati Kanchanar Guggulu Vriddhibadhika Vati Syr.M2 Tone

Tab. Cystelia -M In B. D. Dose, Syp. Medox for 6 month. And vit D3 sachets once in a week. For reducing wt plz advise tab. metfrorm.and advise to take salads and fruits .exercise is more important in Pcod. And avoid oily things, rice and more salt.

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