one hour chest pain with ghabrahat vital stable please coment on ecg



Inferior wall infarction

Sinus rhythm, regular, 84 bpm, Axis - normal, RWP good, ST depression in L1, aVL, V5 V6, ST depression with T inversion in lead L2, aVF, LVF, ischaemia in inferolateral wall. Do Trop-T and 2D Echocardiography etc

St depression and t wave inversion in 1,2,v4,v5 looks inferolateral coronary ischaemia ,treat as nstemi and acs according to aha protocol ,cag ptca will definitely require

Lateral wall mi with st elevation v12 st depression lead 1 2

Coment on st elevation in avr

PW infarction

Lvh strain pattern look for ischemia

LW ischemia

so please do trop t .. ischemic heart disease

ECG shows ST elevation in V1 to V2 with t wave inversion in lead 1 and 2

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