25 year old lady

One patient developed symptoms 6 months ago, when her mom had typhoid fever and the symptoms gradually increased as she ate less talking and sat alone longer and did not go out of the house and sometimes talked alone. She jumped on the form roof and tried to cry unnecessarily while dancing and music talking to her at special events. Chief Complaints Leg pain and headache unnecessary crying anxious feeling at outside and unknown person talking with them Vitals Normal History Family members are also anxious attitudes and little brother was on treatment of OCD Physical Examination Thin build Investigations Hb 9 gm Management Tab.risperidone and trifluphenazine fluphenthixol lorazepam on medication but on much benefits Diagnosis Brief psychotic episode


It is case of paranoid schizophrenia. With Anemia palliative treatments pharmacotherapy. Curative or better treatment by clinical PSYCOLOGIST and if it is not case of thalasimia minor give b12 iron and folic acid..if it is active stage now give pharmacotherapy start with than pharmacotherapy andcognative restuctuing etc technic in counseling. Hypnotherapy..

Thank you doctor