Only 11years girl with SM fibrosis with severe trismus..

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Give her cap.farbisure and ora ways gel to apply intraorally for 1 month u will get surprising result sir

go for sugery under G A

typical case of osmf.....

it's severe OSMF.. itralesionary inj.of Triamcinolone with lignocain (1:1) is helpful.. well sir what's ur opinion..

Thank you Dr. Ziaul.

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Leukoplakia, advised biopsy.

leukoplakia in a 11 years girl with no oral habits..???

Can it be OSMF..?She has no h/o oral habits ..please look at her lips...

Please rule out nutritional deficiency common in paediatric age group. osmf in this age seems unlikely.

Leucoderma/vitiligo lips..similar lesions in the chest..Dermatologist can give expart opinion..please

This is a case of Sub mucous Fibrosis which has become severe due to neglect and improper treatment. She has associated chelosis, angular stomatitis, caries teeth and fungal stomatitis and anaemia She should be treated simultaneously for all the problems. She should be treated with high doses of Vitamin A and D3 along with thiamin and riboflavin. A recent preparation of Curcumin (TURMIX )should also be given for SMF. Antifungal treatment locally with Metrogyl gel +Tess Gel. Parental iron therapy. Total abstinence from Paan masala and allied products. High protein diet along with anti oxidants. Dental treatment also necessary with Dentist

Sub mucous fibrosis

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