Living amidst viral infections is hard. Thankfully there are antivirals.



Along with standard supportive care.... Oseltamivir is effective for h1n1 swine flue, and influenza . Oseltamivir + Antibiotics combination shaws early resolution. Oseltamivir + Favipiravir better for influeza and Favipiravir broad spectrum antiviral shaws positive outcome in Covid 19.

Though not a first line drug for sars co virus But uesd and giving good results Yes in radio corad 4 or 5 It is in combination with favipiravir it is giving excellent results in mild and moderate stages

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

The dosages mentioned is that of Favipiravir, not of Oseltamivir. Please rectify this.

Yes. Thank you Dr. Sandip, there was a technical error. Appreciate your feedback. That slide has been removed.

Tamiflu or oseltavir has proven affectivity during H1NI Infection , Informative post.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

Very iimpoortant drug used for swine flue.initially also tried for covid 19 infections.very helpful.

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