Osteoarthritis case with severe joint pain

Chief Complaint A 47 y/o female with h/o generalized osteoarthritis presents with severe pain in hips and hands ts. Histoty She has h/o osteoarthritis since childhood. Now she is diagnosed with Perthes disease. She is on analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. She had undergone total hip replacement surgery which was failed. Now she is on bed for most of the times. Treatment How should we proceed with the case?


Xrays hips and knee CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Diagnosis to be classified under headings 1 childhood perthes 2 secondary OA hip 3 juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Present status Reassess after reports

Body Wt? Blood pressure? Lab tests of blood and urine? Basically consists of medication and physical exercise Or self care therapy. Steroids and non steroid anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) relief pain in the joints specially hip and knee which is very important to (osteoarthritis) this chronic or acute both person. Disease modified drugs (DMRD), NARCOTICS can help and physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and stretching maintain the mild and moderate pain and joints movement. Calcium, vit- D, nutritional dietary supplements essential to chronic osteoarthritis patient.

Thanks Dr Hardik Bhatt Sir.

As she is in bed.All care should be taken just like for all bed ridden patients like 1.Freqent change of position and aird bed to avoid bed sore 2.breathinhlg exs and thoracic mobility 3.Various isometric exs 4.maximum functional independent Better to take physio advcie for all this ..rest mediicne part as suggested by few..but physio can help her in many ways

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