Ovarian Steroid Cell Tumour: Curofy Expert Clinical Case Discussion by Dr. Viraj R. Naik: A Rare Case Study

Rare cases are seen quite less in clinical practice & presents a challenge to the Physician. Learn about this rare case of Ovarian Steroid Cell tumour by Dr. Viraj R. Naik. Enhance your knowledge of right decision making in such difficult cases. Follow us for such Updates!



A very nice presentation of one of the rarest ovarian tumours,- Steroid cell ovarian tumor. These are very rare functional sex - cord stromal tumours and comprise less than 0.1 % of all ovarian tumors . Although benign - need to be treated because it can cause Androgenic manifestations like virulization , hirsutism, Cushing 's syndrome Menstrual disturbances Congratulations Dr Viraj .R.Naik Thanks

Rarest of rare case , GP hardly came across such type of case or diagnosis is rearly there. We have read this but unable to recall. You comprehensively illustrated and details about case motivate me to save the case and study it again. Thanks very much for sharing such rare case with all details.

Thanks Dr Parveen Yograj

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Sir, Nice case . I want to ask you what are values of Serum PLAP,LDH . Second things CT MRI was done in this case for areas of bone,cartilage, hair . Please update follow up of this case .

I also want details regarding this. Op

Excellent presentation ! Elaborate & vivid, knowledge enriching ! Thanks a lot for this nice presentation

For a family physician like me it is a learnig case thanx sir for sharing an exclusive case

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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Nice case ,Dr Viraj Naik. Nicely presented. New one to me, and so , very interesting.

@Viraj R. Naik sir, absolutely an interesting case.


Excellent and valuable information to me Sir.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal Sir

Obviously something learnt from this case

Thanks Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Dr. Ansari Sekar
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