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Retained product of conception

P v haemorrage since 19 days Chief Complaints Bleeding History Misoprost used Vitals Usgbreporting Physical Examination Pain on palpation Diagnosis Rpoc Management Thuja 1000 secal Cor 200

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R p o cshown in ultra Sono graphy

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Sabina phosphorus sec cor cydona decti

Ustilago, milifollium, 30 Lachesis, 1m

PulsQ can help

MillifolliumQ. Erigeron Q. Ficus R Q. All of Three mother tincture take 15 drops each with half cup of water,4time aday. Aesculus pentarkan 30ml(wsi)20drop4time a day.

Sabina or secale cor


R p o cshown in ultra Sono graphy