Pain in back

male/44 years c/o- pain in back since 10 months Aggravated- moving, bending, cold weather, exertion Better- rest, massage, warmth, stretching K/c/o- hypertension BP-162/94 mm hg Appetite, thirst- normal Stool- constipated Urine- normal Desire- sour Aversion- no Thermals- hot Reserved nature likes company helpful irritable X-ray back- O.A Suggest Treatment Doctors




Liver detox beetroot kidney detox coriander leaves.. juice in morning,needs counselling calmness symphony music lime juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods, drumstick soup flaxseed oil for pain cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval guava figs raisins apricots dates ginger carrots pomegranates sunshine walk prayers

First do sadhya virechan by giving avipattikara churna 1 tsp +eranda taila 50 ml+milk 100 ml in the morning.. Which will help to make panchkarma more effective n also give relief in constipated bowel. After that start anuvasna basti with ksheerbala taila n niruha basti with dashmool kwath.. Kati basti can be done with mahanarayan taila

Diet modification. Local snehan and swedan. Cap.Rasnadi guggul 2-0-2. Erandbhrushta haritaki with lukeworm water at bedtime.

Dear Dr. Nabeel Khalid Sir, Advice for the case. Pain Nivaran Churna 1 sachet BD. For light massage use Dr. Relaxi oil.

Advice X-ray of lumbar spine to rule out bony pathology *Along with medicine, can start physiotherapy treatment too

Trayodashang Guggulu Rumalaya Forte Tab Rasna Saptak Kashaya Kati Basti With Mahavishagarbha Tail.

Avipattikar churan Kati basti with murivena Triyodasang guggul Maharasnadi kadha

Advise for Panchakarma along with your homeopathic management

Aesculus Hipocastonum 1 M monthly × 2 dose Bryonia 30 TDs

Kativasti is best Treatment for this pain

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