pancytopenia under Ix

Pancytopenia under Ix. Chief Complaints A 52 yr old lady has come with Dizziness, 2 Episodes of blood Tinged sputum, multiple episodes of vomiting since 6 Jan. No Associated features. No past H/O HTN, T2DM, Thyroid disorder, Substance abuse. Routine Ix were done showing Pancytopenia, mild elevated Total Bil of 1.5,rest LFT was normal. Malaria n Dengue were Neg. Next MCH, MCV, MCHC, Reticulocyte count, Sr Iron profile, Stool for occult blood n USG W/A, Sputum for AFB, sputum for C/S, Mantoux test n CXR was advised. Reports were suggestive of Macrocytic anemia, MCV of 128,normal Sr ferritin n Iron profile, stool for occult blood was neg along with neg Sputum n Mantoux test. CXR n other test were Normal. USG W/A was normal. Normal Retic count. Next sample for Sr VIT B12 was sent n also planned for Bone Marrow Aspiration. Today pt arrived with Reports showing low Sr VIT B12 of 56. Hence a case of VIT B12 deficiency Anemia leading to pancytopenia n Dyserythropoeitic features. Conservative management has been started.


aplastic anaemia yakrut plihaari lauh, tapyadi lauh, sarivadyarishta, saraswatarishta, lauh bhasma, guduchi + gud (jaggery). Please correct me if i am wrong but how i read it as is from majja we derive ras and rakta; hence if majja is dushit in either cases - ras and rakta will be impacted.

B12 deficiency Inj vitcofol 2cc 10 Opinion of haematologist

Pernicious anemia to rule out

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