Patient 52/M , c/o seizures several attacks in a day. He got the first episode when he was 7th months baby in febrile condition. The episodes continued and was given​anti epileptics. Frequency and severity reduced. During 1993-94 he again developed multiple seizures and advised tegrital eptoin, etc multiple medications in multiple courses. He was hospitalized many number of times for the same problem. Has undergone Ayurvedic treatment also by which he says had a better feeling with reduced frequency, unfortunately for a very short duration. Has taken Patanjali preparations also for an year as advised by a vaidya. Now he is getting more than 15 episodes in a day. Respected practitioners, suggest and guide me to help him. What best treament can be advocated and the internal medicine can help him. Here with attaching some of his investigation reports.



Thanks fir tagging Dr. Hemant Adhikari.. As the history clearly is a clear cut case of pediatric febrile epileptic seizures...thought most of such cases have positive outcome in long term...a few cases dont respond satisfactorily to treatment because of innumerable factors....As CT scan of brain clearly shows there are degenerative changes in brain which are no surprise due to long history in this case.... So as per my personal experience in such cases, I have observed brilliant result of our Aurvedic management.... In SDM, Udupi we use to treat such patients by following regimen 1) Smritisagar Rasa 1/ 2 Bd 2) Kamadugha Rasa 1 TID 3) Syp. Manasa 2tsf Bd ( Sdm pharmacy )- this composition in particular has got brilliant result If u can do a course of Rajyapana basti and Takra would be excellent Try to repeat this course of Panchkarma after 3- 4months... Along with that dont reduce ir alter the doaage of any Allopathic antiepileptics initially...once the episodes start reducing ..then u may gradually taper off the dose... I hope it help's You and Your Patient.. Thanks

Thank you very much sir for a detailed note. I will try to implement these lines as much as possible.

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@Dr.Mamata Bhagwanpande mem. Kanchnar guggul2 BD, kaishor guggul 1 BD, Sutsekhar Ras 2, for multiple, stopped Tab.Eptoin Tab.Brahmani national 1 BD, ,Basant kusumakar Ras 1 BD (chuskar) .Yoga kapalbhartee, 10/15 minutes.

Thanks,Dr.Hemant Adhikari sir.

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Dashamul;Guduchi;Brahmi;Ashwagandha;Jatamansi.morn empty stomach & night at sleep. Shirodhara;Nasya & Matra Basti of same comb siddha tailam.

Anulom vilom Omkar Bhramari Dhyan mudra Shavasan. Morn empty stomach.

Shadbindu tail nasya. Smritisagar ras , Brahmivati. Jyotismati tail, Saraswatchurna.

Use common medicines mentioned in Aakshepak jwar;Jeerna jwar;Apasmar.

Brihat vata kulantaka rasa 1 bd, Syrup Mentat DS 2 tfs, Brahmi ghrita 1tsf bd ,Anu Taila naysa Locally Dhara therapy /Pathya &apathya strictly taken care then review after 1 month

Thanks Dr&Dr Mam no1 can be stop as per condition

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bhrumhi ghrut nasya kumar kalyanak ghrut or pure panchagayva ghrut 1tsp bd empty stomach tb.tenil or mentat 1bd shirodhara regular yoga pranayam

Nice discussion.... I am not experienced in such case.... Waiting for valuable opinion from @Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. Niranjan Ram @Dr. Aditi Mangsuli @Dr. M V Subramanyam @Dr. Sukrant Sharma @Dr. Mugdha Kulkarni @Dr. Aditya @Dr. Yogesh Jatav @Dr. Himanshu Verma

Dear Dr. Hemant Adhikari, Advice for your patient, Tab . unmadgaj keshari ras 1 tds with 1 tsp Brahm rasayan avleh. Tab. Krishnachaturmukh ras 1 tds. Advice for Goghruta nasyam. Avoid vat kaph vardhak ahar vihar.

@Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir I feel we cannot do anything here. Better refer this case to higher medical centre Thanks for seeking my opinion sir With regards

Agree sir
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