patient age 30/f married having baby 3 years,, C/O pimples as shown in pics taking RX isotroin20mg 1 mnth completed oint clindamycin local application frequnt wash done , azee 500mg BId 3 days given,, no improvement yet in complaint of pimples,, kindly suggest Further managemnt



Acne vulgaris Rx Doxy 100 mg Bd Zerodol sp bd Levocetrizine 5 hs Face wash Ahaglow s wash gently water 4times Clean area betadine lotion Sabenac cream use like corn apply whole face in a day T bect cream at night

Acne vulgaris Doxy 100mg bd PCM+ibu tds Levocet 5mg bd. Clean area with diluted betadine lotion apply calamine lotion than Acnex oint locally bd. Wash face throughly and gently with water thrice. Multivitamins and antioxidants orally. Sulphur 2% oint locally biweekly at bed time. Avoid spicy and oily food.

Acne vulgaris Tab -Erythromicin 250 mg tid Acnex Lotion locally

Thank you Dr Partha Sarathi Sahana Sir Ji

Acne vulgaris Azithromycin 250mg with isotroin 10mg twice in a day for 10 days Multivitamins Antioxidant OD for 10 days Face wash with Dermadew soap

Acne vugaris Adv Pimples peeling With all treatment of anti acne given or maintenance their catering

Tab Minolox 100mg BD for one day and than od for 2month, erytop lotion L/A Acnex soap for face Tab levosiz od

Acne vulgaris

ACNE RX.. DOXYCYCLINE 3 WKS RETINO A cream 0. 01% at night Wash early morning Clindamycin lo continue locally LAXATIVE if.constipation

Acne vulgaris

Ct isotroin for next 3 month..... Tab clarinova 250 bd for 5 day With tab.biotin Ct face wash Ct antidandruff shampoo also. Will give relief ..

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