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Fibroid uterus

Patient age 30yrs female Chief complaints--- Patient complaints of early &profuse bleeding mostly two times in month,from three yrs dark clotted blood. Bleeding period not more than 5 days. Discriptions-- Numbness in both lower extrimities from 3 yrs. Urine go frequently not clear at all. Itching &burning at vulva during menstrual discharges. Thirst normal Cravings normal Perspiration normal Apetite normal Atmospheric normal Mentally-normal Height 5feet 2 " Weight 53 kg No parental history P .H.--she is married six years ago but up to date no child/no conception. Under allopathic treatment from 3 yrs advised patient for surg.operation Investigations Attached blood reports & USG. Diagnosis Fibroid uterus suggest opinion, Management, &treatment


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Aur mur nat calc iod fraxinus am conium m

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For uterine fibroid fraxinus americana q can be given As hb is low iron rich diet is advised To control excessive bleeding secale cor can be given

Rx Constitutional remedy with PQRS. Along with Rx Fraxinus Americana Q.

Aurum mur nat 3x/ Fraxinus Americana MT/ Aurum met 200

Sepia 200 Fraxinus Americana Q Aurum Mur Nat 3x

Aur mur nat calc iod fraxinus am conium m

Aroma radixQ Fraxcinus americana Q

Cal iod 30. Fraxinus AmericsnsQ

Consider sepia

Sepia 1 M single dose Aur Mur Nat 3 X TDs Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris Q 10 drops TDs

Collect more mental symptoms and try ophidia group of remedies

Thank you doctor
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