Patient aged 49 years comes with dull intermittent pain in the area of extraction in 4th quadrant. extraction was done 1 month before. extraction area is healed clinically. what is the cause for pain and what is its management.



Root stump in area of extraction Carious premollar and mollar Extraction rooot stump. Filling of premolar

Caries approaching the pulp from the mesial side of premolar which could be the radiating pain . might be the root piece at the extraction site.take the another x-ray to confirm the root piece

ok thanku sir. ill go for another x-ray.

Repit iopa. . Root stump, cariour Premollar ,apical arey of preemollar have to cheek

Premolar has caries approaching pulp, so cud be radiating pain Radiopacity in extraction site,suggestive of root remnants, cud b reasn of pain

It could be pain radiating from the adjacent teeth. Do heat test/cold test on both teeth to confirm diagnosis.

It's phantom pain...educate the patient, prescribe hot saline gargle, mentally educate the patient.

Check out root caries with adjacent premolar.... Plus it has a filling...

1. There seems to be cervical caries in premolar tooth. 2. Suspected root piece. Either take another rvg to confirm or explore clinically.

Do heat test for 5 and 8 if it is negative then cause is in extraction site anesthaise the area and currattege it and give anti biotic

By radiograph it looks like there is a root piece left in d area ...for more confirmation take 1 occlusal radiograph

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