patient came in the clinic with patches in tongue which he developed 2-3 back it is not causing any problem or burning sensation to patient . what it may be what is the treatment



Very carefully differentiate Erythematos Cadiasis & Geographic Tongue. They resemble very much. Often mingled. Rule out HIV.

Geographic tongue.Maintain oral hygiene

Thanks Dr Chandrashekhar

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Geographic tongue....teach patient how to maintain the oral hygiene.......

Geographical tongue with ? Oral Thrush

What will be the treatment for this as far as I know there is no treatment as such . I prescribed xytee gel along with multivitamin and b complex

Geographic tongue

D/D erythatous cadiadis Geographic tongue , bengin migratory glossitis Oral hygiene instructions

Geographic Tongue. Since Geo Tongue is not a disease, educate the pt for oral hygiene , encourage fluid intake, eating habits, soft simple bland diet, apart from symptomatic treatment includes vitamin supplements.

Geographic tongue

Geographic tongue..

Geographic tongue

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