Patient came with the complain of distension of abdomen. O/E bowel sounds sluggish, didn't pass flatus. electrolyte imbalance was there. Diagnosis and management ?

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Pt is having intestinal without any mechanical reson may be due impacted stool or may be due to electrolyte imbalance? hypokaelemia Nmp Iv infusion Correct electrolyte imbalance High up enema Close watch

Bowel loops are dilated

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Dilated loops of intestine ., No apparent air fluid levels Paralytic ileus ? Hypokalemia Correct electrolyte imbalance , prokinetics, correct constipation

Multiple fluid levels Ascending colon is loaded with faecal matter Intestinal obstruction Manage conservatively Corrected electrolyte imbalance Put flatus tube after doing enemas

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Intestinal obstruction Hirschsprung disease Padalytic IIeus

Intestinal obstruction

Parelytic ileus. Electrolyte Serum potessium and Magnesium should be checked.

Its a case of paralytic ileus.Correct electrolyte imbalance and correct constipation.