Patient complains of pus drainage from tooth?what can be done for this case?


There are many such cases which have shown resolution of inflammation and regeneration of bone after endo perio treatment so my suggestion is that if patient is willing to save the tooth then an attempt should be given before extraction. ...

Endodontic treatment and then wait period of a month followed by periodontal treatment as it endo perio lesion.. What is the grade of mobility...

If the mobility is severe then extraction is adviced...

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It is a floating molar. It can be extracted . Pt efford for endodontic and periodontic treatment then we can go for preservation of teeth. But the hopes r very low we have to see the oral hygienic condition also .if oral hygiene is poor go for extraction best option . If the oral condition is good then go for Preservative methods

I agree with @Dr. Ankita Jain

I seem poor prognosis... So extraction.....!!

Looks like its endo- perio lesion. Primary cause might b perio. Tooth might b mobile Treatment : extraction

plz dnt extract. complete the endo, give a pfm crown with tight proximal.contacts so that it gets splinted in a way. raise a flap with crevicular and vertical incisions debride the area thoroughly and place a graft. it will fetch u good results

There is sever bone loss no doubt. But lamina dura is visible. Root resorption is visible. It's a long standing lesion. Probe in relation to this tooth. If coronal attachment is intact, the go for RCT. If the area can be probe right upto the apex - perform RCT. Observe the case for 3 months radiographically & clinically. If the pocket persists, Periodontal Surgery and bone graft would be required.

Lesion is Endo Perio...go for Rct if no mobility is there...if u see that clinically poor prognosis then extraction

Endo perio lesion Mobility Extraction

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