Patient has swelling in lower right back region and lower right floor of mouth for 20-25 days ,swelling is hard and grade 2 mobility irt 44 ,45 what is the diagnosis and TT..? pls suggest......



In opg radiolucency at the lower border of mandible malignant lesion odontogenic Tumour most commonly ameloblastoma cbct nd biopsy required Treatment plan is hemimendibulctomy

poor oral hygeine, perio status not good, infected second premolar, no honey comb appearance so ameloblastoma (i dont think so), no lymph node history, no blood report. may be patient was on antibiotics and its antibioma. open the pulp chamber and clean the canals. wait for 3 days. give good antibiotics and chymoral + like drugs. if it persists go for biopsy...if heals continue rct

it required- detail history mode of onset(posterior to anterior or vice versa) pain?numbness? 3D CT SCAN Provisional-follicular ameloblastoma adv -histopathology of lesion Differential-Scc,chronic osteomyelitis,malignancy of bone,giant cell granuloma,OKC treatment-depends on histopathology.. total excision of lesion with healthy margin(1cm) followed by mandible reconstruction...

and if it is Malignant then neck dissection according to TNM staging

Patient seems to have poor oral hygiene... Could be periodontal cause n hence the mobility.. As far as hard swelling is concerned , I wanna make sure if that is noticed for past 25 days or present since the it could well be mandibular torus ( most commonly seen in the region of mandibular premolars)...

it seems AMELOBLASTOMA or a GRANULOMA .... as u told the swelling has been for last 20-25 daz... but it doesnt looks lik.... even though u go for an aspiration biopsy (FNAC) & also suggest for CT scan .... ... & in the mean time u start with Inj. Ceftriaxone for 7 daz ANST & proceed the sugical part of treatment accordingly after the confirmation with Ctscan & histopatgological report....


Pla get a CECt head and neck , consider for biopsy

It seems to be a malignancy. May be osteosarcoma. Patient should be advised for CBCT . She seems to be a tobacco chewer. Are there any soft tissue lesions?

borders look irregular...jagged....almost floating tooth appearance suggestive of malignancy..d/d osteomyelitus...clinical picture is not clear

Do a biopsy for confirmation of tumour.. check the lymph node status. CBCT. if multicystic ameloblastoma than only go for hemimandibulectomy or else curretage along with chemical cauterization can also be an option.

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