patient is having pain since 1 week..antibiotics and NSAIDs given..yet no improvement per patient..patient is not willing for RCT until pain subsides..looks like involvement of furcation area but clinically no pocket is there..what could be the possible cause and treatment to save tooth?? plz suggest..

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If patient is not willing for rct Aware him /her abt rct. Periapical involvement also have in mesial root Swelling will start if you delay the rct Pain will subside after LA.. FOLLOW PROCEDURE WITH INTRAPULPAL Injection. Give confidence to the patient about painless rct... If not willing Some injection like lornoxicam 8mg iv or Tramodol iv Or Inj voveran im can relief the pain for long time Followed with antibiotics Amoxy nd metrogyl

Hy doc, U definitely have to proceed with access opening. Explain the pt that after access opening, all the necrotic material and pus will come out and pain will subside.

We can't give an option to the patient to wait it the pain subsides. It has to go for access opening. If he or she doesn't want to save the tooth, yes,it's their choice. They can opt extraction once the pain subsides. The interradicular radiopacity, not a direct perio leison . That's y you don't have pockets

Thanks doctor.. Can interradicular lesion subside with antibiotics or any other option..plx suggest.. Bcoz rct would be waste if furcation involvement remains..

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Explain the patient about RCT and you have to proceed with it as antibiotics have got a minor role in endodontics..the only thing that can be done to relieve pain is either to proceed with rct or extraction and ethically going for extraction is not possible so RCT Is only choice of treatment and there is not such magical therapy that can relieve pain as pulp is exposed

Reassure the patient that only access open can relieve his pain ...if he still not ready then you can disocclude the teeth ......that shall reduce tenderness .....good luck

It is chronic pulp exposed case&mesial canals looks calcified &periapical pathology. So for pain relief put a cotton soaked with formocresol in cavity. &give antibiotic &analgesic for 5 days & gargle with clorhexidin 4th time daily. Pain will subside

Explain about the way the abscess drain out after the access opeming Followed by antibiotics amoxicillin and metronidazole Relieve tooth from occlusion When pain subsides go for extraction

Explain pt after access opening pain will come done, ask pt for next sitting pt could wait but not now

Explain the patient that pain will immediately subside when you a tray the rct.

Advise to Apply topical local anesthetic gel.... For some days then go for rct after 1-2 days

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