periperial neruopathy

Patient name kisore Age 6-1/2 Compiant - chest to foot numness and i thick periperial nerupoathy and allpathy doctor- urine infection affected nerve brain vein damgaed Satrting compiant 4 age started fever nextvtime contiune vertigo continue this promblem i have upoad patient photo App - decresed Thirst - normal Stool .urine - uncontrolled any timing Breat - breating difficuty Sleep - normal Patinet father motger marraige long realative maaraige Normal delivery 2 years physiothery medicine continue And siddha medicine used Mental general Consious Patient frined normal taking Angry timing teethbtighting New person not taking not mingle 4times next mingle person Anxieity Brother any time angry bad word Play in with things night time safety things School time daily moring mother insaid going daily time Medicine ? Dignosis?


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