Patient present with severe chest pain to the ED. ECG was done immediately and is attached below. can u please interpret the ECG.


ECG suggestive of supraventricular tachycardia (rate about 200 BPM-) with electrical alternance acute anterior wall MI. (SVT with qrs alternancce indicates a bypass tract ) Do have echo at bedside to look for LV function & rwma .

Appeared to be case of ACS(anteroseptal). Rhythm is sinus beats alternating with ventricular extrasystole. Pt to be put in CCU under monitoring. Fine loading dose aspirin, clopidrel and iv low molecular wt heparin. IV lignocaine may be required to contains ventricular extrasystoles.Give inj pathedine and phenergan.Thrombolysed if still in window period or go straight for coronary angiography and PCI.

Beat to beat alternation of frontal QRS axis. Bidirectional Ventricular Tachycardia. ? Digoxin toxicity

It's a case of ventricular tachycardia with ST depression.

Friends it is Bidirectional VT. Plz dont get confused with other answers..

Yes ECG in question has been posted from the wave. Still then we have to exercise our knowledge. The qrs is <100 ms.

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SVT with anterior wall MI

VT following anterior wall myo infarction

VT QRS complex are usually wider than normal

Bidirectional V.T Digoxin toxicity

Bidirectional tachycardia Digoxin toxicity???

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