Patient presented with the skin bumps those are usually all approximately the same size and concentrated in the same skin area. Present on both the legs. Aggravated by heat and causes itching. What are these lesion and Rx for these.



What is the age of the patient? Occupation? Digestion? @Dr. Ravi Pal sir? Agree with @Dr. Manoj Kumar sir, KK Vati, Neemghan vati and Khadirarishta can help in this case... But I think Nitya Virechana needs along with this prescription.... so we can add Avipattikar Churna + Manikya Rasa....

Simple Prickle heat rash or miliaria.... Prickly heat causes an itchy rash of small red raised red spots with a prickling or stinging sensation. Differential diagnosis:-- *Hives *Cholinergic urticaria is a common physical urticaria that is caused by sweating. It is sometimes referred to as heat bumps.

Purely pittakara vikara... Pitta shamanaushadi chikitsa is the best Rx Kamaduga Rasa with Mukta Ushirasava Laghustashekhara Rasa Arogyavardini vati for 45 days Apply Chandana lepa

Agree with your answer.

Alsak give rasmanikya praval pisti gandhak rasayan60/120/250 mg. twice marichyadi chalmoongra tail application panchsakar churan at night 5 gm.

Kamdudha Ras 2 BD, panchtik ghrit guggul 2 BD, Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD, khadira rista , Chandanaswa mixed 30 ml with warm water BD.

Dr.MD.A.Rahman sir, Thanks.

Any history of drug allergy. Other symptoms like. Fever Joint pain Shore throat. Stomatitis etc...

Tinea corporis, kayakalp vati, neemghan vati, khadirarisht, kayakalp tail

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Tinea Corporis. Apis Mel may be helpful.

आयुर्वेद के अनुसार यह जीर्ण शीत पित्त है। चिकित्सा संबंधी योग,,,, गाय के घी में काली मिर्च मिलाकर पिलाएं शीत पित्त भंजन रस सुबह शाम सेवन कराएं हरिद्रा खंण्ड 5 ग्राम सुबह-शाम सेवन कराएं चंन्दनासव खदिरारिष्ट दोनों को मिलाकर 25 ग्राम सुबह-शाम खाने के बाद दें निश्चित रूप से लाभ होगा योग परिक्षित है पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं।

Regularly after washing with neemqwath apply skinelle oint. And orally give purim tab twice daily and take care of koshth shudhi

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