Patient presented with this lesions on the inner surface of the eyelid with pain and redness of the eye. What is this lesion and treatment for this.

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Chalazion is painless.Suppuration of chalazion is painful.Treat with topical and systemic antibiotics and NSAIDs.After controlling inflammation Tt is by incision and evacuation of its contents.

Internal hordeolum. Eye wash with aq solution of triphala yashti tankana. Internal use of triphala guggulu nd amritottar kashay

Hordelolum interum... systemic + topical antibiotic n nsaids... if dosent settle in a week. Incision n drainage..

Position of lesion is little away from lid margin, it can be fb granuloma ruptured with nice round opening like volcano,explore with local block and chalazion clamp, carbolise the base..

Hordeoluminternum inth middle of palpebral conjuctiva lower lid inflamed cojunctival injection.Anti biotics local systemic chalazion surgury.

Hordeolum internum. Treat with systemic Antibiotics Anti inflammatory drugs and topical drops

Chalazion, Treatment- Oral antibiotics+analgesic with serratiopreptidase+anti oxident

Inflamed chalazion. In&dr with local antibiotic is all that is required

Chalazion. Rx surgery

Hordeolum internum Tret with oral n topical antibiotics n Nsaids

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