Patient who is 10 years old... swelling on right side... no decay and no signs of fever and have difficulty in opening mouth...he got the same swelling one month and he was treated with antibiotics... what might be the reason for recurrence..



Yes this looks like parotitis. this can be of bacterial origin or the viral one. Considering the age of patient it can be Viral one that is called Mumps! Get blood cultures done and then only advice I V antibiotics or antivirals. Meanwhile check out salivary gland calculus too.

As there is no fever there are high chances of Calculi /strictural effect of ducts. Also rule out TMJ disorder

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bacterial parotitis is common..if thr is.pus coming out of duct than is definitely treated with antibiotics like clindamycin or augmentin for 7days.. plenty of fluid to maintain fever is not thr so i dont think its infection.. parotid stone is uncommon usually its parotid duct sludge because of poor hydration.. treatment is hydration and massage back to front especially after meals.. we should definitely do a usg or CT to rule out inflammed intraparotid node or a lesion and of course ITF as he has trismus.

Swelling in parotid region investigation cbc ESR mt xray chest usg fnac HP parotitis dd calculus dd tumour beningn or malignant

reapeted swelling -parotitis-might b previosly not treated for full course of medicine

Dx- Sialolithiasis . In my view, this is not mumps. This may be bacterial parotitis.Go for usg of parotid gland and its duct .

Do Sialogram

to rule out TMJ disorders check clicking at TMJ while opening and closing the mouth most probably it is a parotitis and might have been caused by obatruction of duct USG will be a good choice

chronic parotitis

sialadenitis of parotid.....check if swelling increases on taking food...n also salivary flow from tge duct....can get a USG done...there may be a stricture or uncalcified stone in the duct...can give vit c chewable tab ...

recurrent parotitis antibiotic along with symptomatic ,supportive and rest

I agree with Dr.Pyusha

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