Patient with sleep-talking.

Chief complaint A 68 y/o male complaints of sleep-talking. Most of the time it's quite loud. This happens like 4-5 times a week and sometimes twice in a night but mostly once a night. He said he saws dreams that someone is running after him and tries to fight with him so he tries to save himself and starts speaking loudly. 1-2 times he even falls from while dreaming like this. After his family member wakes him up at night he stops mumbling. History He is a well-educated person and is retired from his job 10 years back. He is staying at home with his family. He has a history of bypass heart surgery around 15 years back and is on allopathic medication for that. He also has an ear infection and taking homeopathic medicine for that. No personal or family history of any psychotic disease. He is a little stressed because of financial issues like every other person, but it's not like he is depressed. Examination He is a normal build male but looks a little weak. He was talking normally while taking history. Diagnosis What could be the cause of his sleep talking? Treatment What should be advised? Feel free to ask any question.



History suggest he has delirium and hallucinations Retired person with financial constraints Likely in depression Adv to consult psychiatrist Psychotherapy Tab alprazolam 1mg at bed time

Thank you sir for your reply but he is not in depression.

A case of sleep talking or Somniloquy, a type of Parasomnia. May be genetic or related to subconscious repressed thoughts. Precipitated by caffeine intake, sensory input before sleeping, altered sleep hygiene. Harmless and usually is temporary. No specific treatment. Sleep specialist may be consulted.

Thank you sir

Best line to write... present of case... Above regarding as like a night terrors due to management he feel like a anxious and depressed... In this condition RTA systems of brain more stimulus and sleep REM increase periods we try to stress management with coginitve therapy and start medicine of SSRI with BZD...low doses.... Adjustment disorder with night terrors. Advice sleep hygeine and awake time feel care it.

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D pt seems to b stress prone secondary to Anxious Personality. Financial stressor is present as revealed from history. As far as management is concerned he needs counseling, relaxation exercises, Rational Emotive Therapy (RET).

As u mentioned he had cornonary bypass he might b taking betablockers.. Sometimes beta blockers causes nightmares... And even patient talks during sleep.. Very rare but rule out this... If he is taking beta blockers.. Stop betablockers in tapering dose... And use alternative medicine

Thank you sir this was helpful

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Try Homeopathy,will give best result in these case..

Refer to a psychologist who is a psychoanalytic along with psychiatry treatment .

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