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Head Injury / TBI

PBC 20082020 At 4rth day of fall from hight 9 year old female admitted with c/o vertigo headache intermittent fever O/E I°P°Ln°Cy°Cl°,, Pupils PERRL,, P/A soft temp 101°F Urine stool wnl Sensorium allert NS with Pipzo amika mannitol dexona going on Day 2 is symptomatic improovment present CT report attached not normal Ddx TBI, 1.what should be duration of mannitol dexona therapy ? 2.Kindly add your valuable opinion

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i think u should continue with antibiotics with good cns penetration as theres fever. use vancomycin and ceftriaxone . if theres no features of raised icp n gcs n vital normal . u can stop mannitol n inj dexona . these type of cases can b managed conservatively . take neuro surgeon opinion .

Thank you doctor

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