pesticides reaction. patient has fear of hospital. did his work in mud although there is wound. careless. since 7 days. mild swelling with itching. how to manage? I think it's irritant Contact Dermatitis. what you say Dr's?



Vishaghna chikitsa required. Trifala Khadir Nimb saal Haridra Shirish - abhyantar & for dhavan. Jatyadi Tailam for L.A. Avoid itching. Nakha vishawaril chikitsa waghbhatokta kalp.

Merc -Sol 200 alternate day .

Eczema dermatitis

YES.... This has crossed the 1st stage stage of ICD..An now it is affecting tissues...Clean the wound do cbc esr stool urine AEC IgE HbA1c ...Use a disinfectant....Unless we know what is the irritant ....I would not allow Calendula wash as it can supress infections...Use Sterillium/ Saline Wash

Rhus tox 30one Dose dry.

Eczema , Gandhak rasayan 2 BD, kamdudha Ras 2 BD, Panchtik ghrit guggul 2 BD, Arogyabardhani I BD, khadira rista 30 ml with warm water BD, Apply Mahamarich yadi tail.

Irritant contact dermatitis

Yes sir .. Its irritant contact dermititis .

Contact irritant dermatities, Mercsol Is helpful medicine Echinacea ointment externally

It's Eczema Marc Sol helpful medicine

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