Philadelphia chromosome positive

Chief complaint A 68 y/o female was referred for thrombocytosis revealed on routine check-up. History She is diabetic and had undergone hysterectomy. Vitals BP: 130/85 mmhg, Heart rate: 100 bpm, Respiratory rate: 20 bpm, Temp: 98.9 degree F Physical examination She looks a little bit pale other than that physical exam is normal. Investigations CBC shows thrombocytes: 2.234 ×10 9/L, HB: 12.9 g/dl, WBC: 9.6×10 9/L. Peripheral blood smear shows Neutrophil: 78.1%, Lymphocytes: 17.8%, Eosinophils: 2.6%, Basophils: 1.3% and Monocytes: 0.6%. Levels of serum LDH was 191.2 U/L and uric acid of 3.9 mg/dl. Bone marrow biopsy revealed increased number of small megakaryocytes with hypolobulated nuclei. Myeloid/erythroid ratio was normal. Diagnosis Bone marrow aspiration shows Philadelphia chromosome positivity. Treatment How should we proceed?



The abnormally shortened chromosome . An abnormality of chromosome 22 in which part of chromosome 9 is transferred to it. Bone marrow cells that contain the Philadelphia chromosome are often found in chronic myelogenous leukemia and sometimes found in acute lymphocytic leukemia. Mutations of the Philadelphia chromosome transform stem cells into white blood cells. This genetic mutation does not run in families, but it may increase the risk of chronic myeloid leukemia.. Consult Hematologist and Oncologist.. I AM IMPRESSED WITH THE POST

Chronic myeloid leukemia Survival good Gleevac effective Danger is blaso stage

@@Dr. Raj Sharma Its a Case of thrmocytopenia TT according Philadelphia The abnormally shortened chromosome was discovered by both Hungerford, of the Fox Chase Cancer Center, and Nowell of the University of Pennsylvania, and was therefore named the Philadelphia Chromosome after the city in which both institutions were located.

Its a case of malignancy, i. e. Leukaemia Please refer the patient to Dr Swagat Todkar, Kolhapur for ayurvedic treatment of leukaemia or Oncologist

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