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28 yr old male , history of assault with a machete sustained near total amputation of Lt hand at level of wrist Injured structures- 1. FDS/FDP to I,M,R,L , FPL EIP, ECU., thenar n hypothenar muscles 2.Median and Ulnar nerve 3. Palmar arch 4.Distal carpal row Pt underwent hand revascularisation 1. k wire stabalisation of wrist 2. repair of all flexors n extensors , thenar n hypothenar muscles 3. median n ulnar nerves 4 repair of palmar arch.



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Reconstruction surgery carried out in excellent professional way Hats off to you and your team

Thank you doctor

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Excellent narration and management.

Thank you doctor

Very nice and expertise hand ,Thank u for sharing sir

Thank you doctor

Good work and good vascularising

It's a great team work, "GREAT" SALUTE to the team.

Best presented nice save sir

Thank you sir@Dr. Shivraj Agarwal

excellent case sir.. thank u for sharing.

Impressive group of doctor has to handle it then physiotherapy

I salute you Doctor

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