Please suugest effectuve Classical medicunes and Pattent etc. patient have low back pain with right leg numbness. not a SHT, DM etc.



Dear Dr Shareef This is a case of Vata dosha. Approach towards the treatment should be as follows. poorva karma 1. Sneha sweda Pradhana karma Vasthi (snehana) Samsamana: 1. Maha Vata vidwamsini 125 mg bid 2. Eranda Dasa moola kwath 20 ml Bid 3. Local application of Maha Narayana tail twice a day

panchakarma involving katibasti and yogbasti are helpful. traction under supervision may be tried. orally analgesic + muscle relaxant combinations work well along with pregabalin/gabapentin for neuralgia. vit b12 supplements help as do a l.a. and antioxidants

nerve decompression surgery ad a last resort.

First of all you have to decompression of nerve root by traction which is a root cause of numbness and weaknesses and pain in thigh region accordingly dermatom and compression last longer it may permanent the apropos nerve you can treat systematically with muscles relaxants , pregabalin and neurotrophic drug

It is a case of pid and spinal canal stenosis. Lumber traction epidural steroids or oral steroids Vit b12 Pregabaline muscle relaxant. Assess Nero deficit and surgery sos. Physiotherapy.

Agree with Dr. Sandeep Choudhary follow him

In Ayurveda its a type of Gridhasi. as like Sciatica nerve pain. Tt. 1. Aswgandha churn.-2gm Akangvir ras-75 mg kutkutantvak bhasm-125 mg Godanti bhasm-250 mg ------------------------------ all r mix n 1 Tsp morning n evening per day 2. Yograj guglu-2-2 tab BD 3. Maharasnadi kwath-4-4 tsp with equal water 4. Mhanarayan Tail for Kati basti 5. chhirbala tail n Aswgandhaa tail for Anuvasan basti 6. Panchskar churn-2 gm at night

good .. u can add -pranayama (slowly), extension exercises cautiously. snehna & swedan tmt is much effective

Rason siddha ksheera basti for 15 days with asthiposhak kalpa and panchatikta ghrita guggulu

panchakarma involving kativasti & vitharana vasti/ lekhana vasti are more usefule along with 1.vathagajankura ras, 2.ekangaveraras, 3.plegineuron caps, 4.vishathindhuka vati

ekanagveer rash 10gram rashrajras 1gram giloy satya 20gram godanti bhasma 10 swarn manshik bhasm 5 gram mik together and make 60 doses.. taken with 1TSF honey empty stomach mrng and before 1 hour dinne...

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