Pls describe. Cough syp for expectorent cough person who smoking

pls describe. cough syp for expectorent cough person who smoking habit long time start cough



cough syrup containing ambroxol and guaiphenesin.They are expectorant and mucolytic and relieve chest congestion. There is specially formulated nutritional supplement to improve function of lungs consisting of multivitamins,zinc,magnesium,selenium and N-acetyl L cysteine an antioxidant(it helps to break up trapped mucus and enhance its clearance from the bronchial passages).

what do u want to ask doc. if somebody have cough dont just let him go with a cough syrup smoking history is present u should ask about expectorant quantity, colour, odour hemoptysis association with fevere etc get the chest x ray done first prescribe him amoxicillin & tab nactab 600 1 tds syp brosol 5 ml tds for 1 week review if continue then go for sputum ex for AFB, post x ray finding

most probably that may be bronchitis

It is not the simple problem of cough. As he is a smoker from a long time, it can be chronic bronchitis with acute exacerbation. Do a chest xray, blood counts, sputum culture senstivity. Use aporopriate antibiotic and use only expectorants like ambroxol and guaenifenisn. Do not use cough suppresants.

INV Xray chest Tlc . Dlc esr sputam for AFB Rx broad spectrum antibiotic . antihistamine . B complex and cough syp

As per Previous advices,no priscription is up to the mark.before going to the investigatios,i would like to give him,(1)moxbro500(amoxicillin+ambrosol)(2)levocetrjin+ambroxol tab(3)acetylcyctin+acebrophylin tab.for six days& see the miraculus effect

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Doctor need to know that if this pt is having cough with expectoration or not. If yes than go for sputum gs n cs. Start some basic antibiotics. Don't worry about the cough much for now. Go for cxr. If required Pft. DDs may N copd with secondary infection or malignancy or just smokers cough etc.

start :--cadiphylate ellixir, Investigate :-x ray chest PA CBC Urine exam routine

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auscultate and listen to crepts and wheeze..send sputum for analysis I.e AFB, fungus, g stain, c/s, Nocardia. esr and cxr to rule out t.b, copd etc ecg for changes like rvh, p pulmonale , rt axis deviation etc. if ecg changes present, 2 d echo.

Syp Lupitus 5 mls tds (levocloperastine)

Good suggestion Dr!, definely a better replacement for codeine as dextromethorphan the replacement for banned cough syrups with codeine by our policy makers is not only less effective but almost ineffective.

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Detailed history of duration of cough is necessary. Only syrup will not help. If every other possibility is ruled out of chronic cough then consider smokers cough and advise to stop smoking and various options to help quit smoking. Cough syrup content has to be decided mainly on the cause of cough.

first of all complet diagnosed be must before treatment. .is cough is dry or not nd how long vough persist if for long tym suggest chest xray nd sputum to rule out cause ..if all clear then start antibiotics wd expectorant

First is very important y such long standing cough? Reason? If diagnosis is simple copd Then start any broncodialator

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