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It looks like a mass arising from the ciliary body. It could be ciliary body melanoma. Is there any episcleral congestion in the corresponding quadrant? Intraepithelial cyst of iris has to be kept in mind too. UBM would give some clues.

Thanks sir..

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Iris cyst

Cud b ciliary body mass r iris cyst. Is der any nvi. Adv ubm. Are der any signs of uveitis r angle closure attacks

Looks like a iris mass nevus or melanoma Please do UBM to look for extension and extent

Thanks mam....

Any history of trauma if not then could be cilliary body mass go for Ant seg UBM

Thanks sir

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Could be mass arising from ciliary body or iris cyst.UBM would be helpful

What about the fundus? Was it visible Indirect with scleral indentation

Mass in anterior chamber arising out of iris / ciliary body.

Iris cyst.

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I am sorry.It appeared to me as outside the cornea

Subluxated lens. Ciliary body cyst.

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