pls suggest DX n Rx ... 29yr old female with h/o bite at the same while having food .. one month back...



it could be mucocele, pyogenic granuloma or implantation dermoid....excision and HPE for confirmation is required.

locally inject hydrocortisone in the lesion if responsded then continue for 3 weeks 1 inj/ week.. or best treatment is surgical excision along with involved submucous glanf

try - Tab. prednisolon10bd cap. polybion bd tab. deflazacort 6 bd iron.+,Protien supliment

cyst or fibroma surgical removal is ideal treatment

mucus retention cyst

Epulis, advised surgery.

Mucous cystof the cheek needs excision and suturing under LA

traumatic fibroma. Rx as above...

sir its traumatic fibroma definitely bt it should be excised if I m not wrong.....

Submucous cyst,just given incision a thick fluid will be coming out,remove the whole cyst and stich it

This is dental cause intraoral papilloma, very common lesion, its treatment is none other than excision

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