plz dx and rx 2 3 whitish spots over tongue since 1 month no pain and tender


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DD Oral thrush Lekoplakia. Does it go on scrubbing? Candidial Lekoplakia??

@Dr. Sonvir Singh Is the tongue deviating to one side on protrusion ? or pic is appearing so.

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Oral thrush Leukoplakia H/o tobacco chewing early Ca tongue. If on scrubbing raw area candidiasis

Oral thrush.. 5 per cent of healthy women suffer from persistent thrush, which may cause considerable distress. Most cases are due to host factors and incomplete eradication of Candida rather than resistant strains Pregnancy and diabetes are common predisposing factors. Examination and a swab for fungal culture and speciation are essential to aid diagnosis. Treatment involving induction, followed by six months of maintenance with anti-fungals will effectively treat 90 per cent of women.

oral thrush

But sir why she is not getting relief by candid mouth paint the size of spot become increasing gradually for last 1month

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It might be due to some chemical that patient is having ..ask her if she is having some medication with dropper or

Good observation

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Oral thrush Rx:Candid mouth paint

Already applied form 15 days

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Can't agree to thrush coz hygiene is good

It may be leukoplakia

Oral thrush Oral candidiasis Leukoplakia Ointment Mouthwash multivitamins Antioxidants Biopsy

I agree with Dr Narayana S

May be leukopalkia or oral thrush done the biopsy for better diagnosis

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