plz tell me the name of disease..?frunculosis in throat are there.3yr boy..associated with fever..



pic is not clear,there is inflammation of bilateral posterior faucial pillar and apthous ulcer could be the cause?tonsils also involved?luke warm saline gargle,oral hygiene,Azithromycin 10mg/kg/day,paracetamol 15mg/kg if pain n fever,lactobacillus suppliment like Nutrolin B 5ml bid

It is a case of Muitiple aphthous ulceration.Apply Quadragel ointment over the ulcer 3 to 4 times a day before food.Pain will be very severe as it radiates to Lt.Ear when attempt to swallow.Food in take is more imp.

It is viral vesicular eruptions on anterior pillars and over tonsils, Give analgesics, local analgesic and Multivitamins,

may b its staph.infection .due to contaminated water .?peritonsilar abscess.take detail history .answer in history

yes sir..h/o contaminated water is there..which medicine ll b given.

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Peritonsillar Abscess..*Apthous Ulcers clearly visualised...Cause-.due to excess cold water....*contaminated water

Tonsillae abscess

Looks like aphthous ulcer Give some vit c zinc folic acid for chewing Paracetamol for fever And antibiotic like oflox oz M/w Garbenz for gargle it is a anasthetic and antiseptic


Common in children up to 10 yrs of age, associated fever..

aphthous ulcer commonly associated with viral fever.

photo is not very clear. Are there multiple ulceration associated with difficulty in swallowing.

yes sir
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