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Adult Polycystic kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney Disease under Ix. Chief Complaints A 40 yr old male attended M opd with Pain abdomen since 2 months. Pain is occasional and non colicky type. No associated fever,dysuria,loose stool vomiting, pain radiation, urine hesitancy or urgency. No H/O HTN,DM,Thyroid disorder or Renal Disease. No Family H/O Renal disease . No Significant past history. O/E General Examination and Systemic Examination are normal. Routine Ix along with USG W/A and 2D ECHO was advised. On next visit pt attended with Reports . Blood and urine reports are normal. 2D ECHO is normal. USG W/A shows variable multiple cysts in both kidneys. CT Abdomen and other different tests has been advised. Thinking of genetic testing for ADPKD.



Patient is having Adult Polucystic kidney disease . His Pain abdomen of 2 months duration is not related to polycystic disease. That is an incidental finding . A regular follow up of this disease is required. In many cases - Patient may remain asymptomatic. His Renal functions need to be followed up for any early signs of renal failure. Patient should avoid phytates and oxalates along with milk products which promote stone formation. He should take adequate fluids . His Pain abdomen cam be due to IBS , APD , amoebic colitis or worm infestation He can be given Tab Rifaximin 400 mg B.d for 2 weeks Tab Ranitidine 150 mg B.D -as PPI's should be avoided Cap Mebeverine 200 mg SR O.D Tab Albendazole 400 mg stat

Tolvaptan has been shown to slow down the growth of kidney cysts in some people with ADPKD, when it is taken for several years. This may help to protect the renal functions and delay the need for a kidney transplant or dialysis.

Except usg abdomen rest of reports are insignificant Usg abdomen shows polycystic kidneys b/l It has no treatment only to take care of any injury to kidneys like drugs which are nephrotoxic should be avoided like NSAIDS and some of antibiotics Some food allergens which can induce autoimmune nephrotoxicity Subjective relief to be given with counseling Keep followup and routine medical checkup

Thanx dr Parveen Yograj

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Adult polycystic kidney disease They may progress to renal failure because of loss of renal function There is no definitive treatment option available

Polycystic Kindney disease, Rx Punranavashtak qwath BD Galo ghan tab 1bd Kanchnar guggul 2bd for 2 to 3 months.

Anterolateral Stemi Polycystic kidney disease Rx Plz first maintain the diet as per vrakadhikar disease. Avoid more green veg. Panchtranmool kashay with cyston tab bd Sigroo gugle +Arogya wardhani after meal. Pnarnava man door +giloya stave.


Polycystic kidney disease... Adv nephrologist opinion..

ADPKD Needs follow up

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