Position Statement - Endocrine Society of India -Steroid‑Related Hyperglycemia in COVID‑19 Management

An appropriate diagnosis & management of steroid-related hyperglycemia is the need of the hour to optimize outcomes in COVID-19 patients. Please view the presentation and share your thoughts on the same........



Nice information.. Uploaded.. Position statement.. Endocrine society of India Steroids related Hyperglycaemia in covid 19 Management.. Home isolation.. Management in hospitality.. Doses covid 19 patients.. Discharge instructions.. Nice information useful information updated thanks doctor

Thanks doctor MD Altaf Hussain

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Informative and educative posts. Endocrine society in india post covid 19 Hyperglycemia by steroid treatment. Common complication but it needs further investigation and evaluation to tackle this complication at the earliest and other post covid 19 complications must needs a detailed and appropriate research and find out the ways to minimize effects and reduces complications .

Thanks Dear Hussain

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The significant hyperglycemia that occurs in acute inflammatory state of of covid-19 patients have been found to be pronounced among those with diabetes , prediabetes and opacity. A bilateral link between inflamation and hyperglycemia a complication of diabetes and changes in the immune system including alteration of of cytokines and chemokines and activation state of various leukocytes population,and increased apoptosis and tissue fibrosis Increasing Indulin resistance producing Ian’s stress producing hyperglycemia steroids requirement and use further producing additional hyperglycemia leading to severity of disease

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Apt charting of management and steps to be followed after discharge as it is really important to know and maintain the glucose levels stable. Lifestyle modifications need to be andhered to and monitoring is also required.

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+Hyperglycemia induced by glucocorticoids -Daily steroids should be mixed with Sulfonylureas like gliclazide -Multiple Steriod doeses with Insulin shots -Patients should be screened for Diabetes and blood glucose levels -Discharge instructions should involve strict glycemic control and tapering doses of steroids -Educating the patients on Diet, Lifestyle, -Hypoglycemia and steroid withdrawal -Maintaining the glucose log

Insulin - especially Glargine insulin is very important in treatment of Covid 19 I have posted number of cases on Curofy platform suggesting important role of Insulin in prevention of Covid 19, treatment of Covid 19 and treatment of Post Covid syndrome Please read my article published in July 2020 on role of insulin in treatment of Covid 19 https://jmscr.igmpublication.org/home/index.php/archive/178-volume-08-issue-07-july-2020/9517-use-of-insulin-in-treatment-of-covid-19-a-proposal-to-explore-feasibility

Useful & informative post on Steroid- Related Hyperglycemia in COVID-19 & it's Management: Endocrine Society of India's position Statement & highlighted by Medi-Insights.

Inj Lantus to start with 4u Bd also preferable in post covid Hyperglycemia in known Type2DM patients & monitoring the Blood glucose level with appropriate dose of inj Lantus adjustment


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