Position Statement - Endocrine Society of India - Steroid‑Related Hyperglycemia in COVID‑19 – Risk Factors

Use of steroids during the COVID-19 pandemic has been really high due to the fact that they reduce mortality in severely ill patients. The fear of mortality in the short term has overridden the concern of adverse long‑term consequences with steroid use. Moreover, the ease of availability and low cost of the drug has led to unscrupulous use even in mild cases and many cases of self-medication leading to hyperglycemia. Read the Position Statement by the Endocrine Society of India to know about the risk factors and management of Steroid-Related Hyperglycemia......




Nice information useful information.. Endocrine society of India.. Steroids related Hyperglycaemia in covid 19... Risk factors... Nice information updated thanks doctor..

Thanks doctor Dinesh Gupta

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Statement issued by endocrine society of India is a guidence for loading steroids irrespectively in covid management It is welcome step as pts who were never hyperglycemic or prediabetic and in post covid hyperglycemia not covered as diabetic is important to understand and to follow the line

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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Nice information and useful information by study conducted by endocrine society of india on steroids related Hyperglycemia during treatment of covid 19 case ..a risk factor. Completely agree major factor of steroid in covid 19 cases.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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Steroids have always helped..in various emergency cases...and before and after the patient has to be full in diet to avoid after effects .... regards this case with complications of Covid 19with hyperglycemic condition...I would first thank Our Respected Dr Saheb for his valuable information... very well explained...to save the patients...the patient should be cautious about his.... activities and diet... thanks ji

Thanks ji Our Respected Dr.Saheb

It is unclear whether hyperglycemia is the result of or a cause of more severe COVID-19 illness This is consistent with the current Endocrine Society guidelines, which recommend that all patients with blood glucose above 140 mg/dL be monitored with point-of-care glucose testing and treated with appropriate therapies.

Steroid in covid-19 if used judiciall with lowest possible doses will prevent long term benefits of complications and helps in lungs and minimizing fibrosis

Steroids are life saving andife threatening too !!!

Injudicious use of any medicine can have repercussions. Well compiled statement from endocrine society of India on the pros and cons of steroid therapy and extending it beyond the need in hopes.

Thank you @Dr. Dinesh Gupta , @Dr. K.suresh Kuzhikandathil , @Dr. Narendra Kumar

Very informative presentation about Steroid-related Hyperglycemia in COVID -19. Thanks for sharing useful information Sir

Thanks Dr Twara Ashish

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Very good info & must read for all practising doctors !!

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